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  • Introducing 'waterless' toilets 9 February 2018

    Alarming statistics for sanitation accessibility around the world have prompted the development of the ‘waterless toilet’. Simeon Barut explains the ins and outs of the innovation. Today, under half the world’s population are without access to ... Continue Reading

  • Ridgid announces upgrade to Power 8 February 2018

    RIDGID has recently announced an upgrade to the Power Spin Drain. Dual powered operation allows quick switching between drill or hand power to break through clogs fast. In the latest upgrade, its features allow it to ... Continue Reading

  • A greater range for grease 5 February 2018

    ACO has announced its range of in-ground gravity grease separators is now available in up to 5,000L total capacity. Treatment of trade waste is vital as fats, oils and grease (FOGs) in water ways compromise hygiene, ... Continue Reading

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  • Efficient plumbing not top of 1 May 2017

    Proposed cost cutting at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) threatens the WaterSense program, a voluntary public-private partnership initiative to encourage the use of water-efficient toilets, showerheads, faucets and other plumbing products. Through ...

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