Latest Products
  • Threshold drainage systems for Balconies in Multi-Residential Design 15 September 2017

    Threshold drainage is an ideal solution for protection against water from the outside while still providing a continuous accessible path between the inside and outside. A threshold drain consists of an external linear grate which sits externally beside the door track. ... Continue Reading

  • Tsurumi Pump Grinds Costs 8 September 2017

    Tsurumi grinder pumps offer cost savings over conventional pumps because they reduce the size of the solids passed using a ‘grinder’ process. Although this is not a radical new technology the new Tsurumi grinders offer users significant advantages. Tsurumi, the world’s ... Continue Reading

  • Milwaukee gets serious about drain cleaning 7 September 2017

    Over the next few months the traditional suppliers in the drain cleaning segment are about to face some stiff new competition from Milwaukee plumbing tools. The brand has been on a strong growth curve with its traditional contractor power and hand ... Continue Reading

  • Dam Buster sinks rainhead issues 4 September 2017

    Non-compliant, poorly fitted or ‘retro-fixed’ box gutter rainheads are the bane of roofs, often causing catastrophic and nuisance flooding. Tired of seeing box gutter rainheads across Australia that just didn’t comply with AS/NZ3500.3, a team of plumbing industry experts came together ... Continue Reading

  • Enware’s new Vitreous Basin Range 23 August 2017

    Enware has just released a new range of Vitreous Basins with new models being offered as replacements for products in our current range being discontinued by our manufacturer. Enware’s quality range of basins are European designed and manufactured to the highest ... Continue Reading

  • CS65x RIDGID Digital Reporting Monitor 16 August 2017

    RIDGID are proud to introduce the CS65x Digital Reporting Monitor, the first in their digital reporting monitor products to include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity. Compatible with RIDGID SeeSnake camera reels, the CS65 Digital Reporting Monitor conveniently mounts on the SeeSnake MAX ... Continue Reading

  • New Enware tapware 11 August 2017

    Enware has announced the new VP Lever series, which has been designed to be easy to use, durable and easy to clean. Smart and aesthetically pleasing, the whole range is an ideal addition for retirement villages, independent living centres ... Continue Reading

  • Gessi Emporio’s Via Bagutta range 1 August 2017

    The new Gessi Emporio’s Via Bagutta bathroom range available from Abey Australia has eco-awareness in functionality and offers a sleek and slender design. The range achieves a balance between organic shapes and solidity with key design elements that are easy ... Continue Reading

  • Rheem instantaneous gas water heater 1 August 2017

    Rheem Australia has entered the instantaneous mechanical gas water heater segment with the new Rheem Pronto. Rheem Pronto uses the same mounting point locations as the most common mechanical water heaters, which makes installation – particularly replacement – simple. And ... Continue Reading

  • Enware CARE601 18 July 2017

    Enware has introduced the CARE601, which includes a freestanding IFO toilet suite with support arms, raised flush button and toilet seat (with lid). It has been designed for people with movement restriction caused by disability, aged care or as a ... Continue Reading