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  • ACO hygienic drainage design promotes food safety 26 April 2018

    ACO has made a strong commitment to hygienic drainage systems with its HygieneFirst philosophy that ensures all ACO grates, gullies and channels are completely cleanable. Designed to help to achieve the greatest possible hygiene levels for food production and retail facilities, ... Continue Reading

  • Firestone releases two new ultra-efficient isolators 19 April 2018

    Firestone, which is distributed by Air Springs Supply, has introduced two new isolators as solutions to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues emanating from compressors, pumps and rotating equipment in the refrigeration and heating, ventilation and air conditioning ... Continue Reading

  • Showerdome Australia showcases its steam free bathroom solution 4 April 2018

    Melbourne-based Showerdome Australia’s Showerdome bathroom accessory aims to prevent steam and condensation build-up in bathrooms. The Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome that attaches to the shower cubicle, which aims to permanently remove steam from bathrooms. Bathrooms will remain dry, ... Continue Reading

  • Oliver Footwear announces corporate range 26 March 2018

    Oliver Footwear has announced its new corporate range designed for those who operate day-to-day between both the worksite and the office. These include site supervisors, architects, engineers, security personnel, facility managers and executives. The corporate range includes the Oliver black elastic ... Continue Reading

  • Enware Aquablend 2000 can be upgraded with a complete cartridge changeover 19 March 2018

    Enware has announced its pre-2009 Aquablend 2000 can now be upgraded with a complete cartridge changeover that is available now. The cartridge swap-out and replacement enhances the technology and extends the life of the existing Aquablend TMV. Thermal Flush technology allows ... Continue Reading

  • Air admittance valves (AAVs) and carbon filters: what’s the difference? 19 March 2018

    A misconception on how air admittance valves (AAVs) and carbon filters are used has led to Studor setting out the differences between the two. Deborah Andrich takes an introductory AAV class.  “Do you have a carbon filter air admittance valve,” said a ... Continue Reading

  • Rectifying box gutter dramas 19 March 2018

    Box gutters are becoming well recognised as a problem area for plumbers to design and install. The AHSCA is looking to rectify the issue with targeted training. Deborah Andrich reports.  In the Summer 2017 edition of Plumbing Connection we highlighted that box gutter ... Continue Reading

  • Bosch introduces OptiFlow Professional Internal 7 March 2018

    The Bosch OptiFlow Professional Internal is a 6 star, continuous flow hot water appliance designed for medium density housing. It is fitted with Bosch’s patented OptiFlow combustion management system which aims to provide increased energy efficiency over the lifetime of ... Continue Reading

  • Australian Pump Industries announces new chemical-free steam cleaner 6 March 2018

    Australian Pump Industries has announced a new product as part of their Aussie Hydrotek range, the Aussie Hydro-Hush. The Hydro-Hush was developed by Cairns-based entrepreneur, Brad Dowd, and is designed to steam clean flat surfaces without of environmentally harmful chemicals. Brad ... Continue Reading

  • Viega launches new range of designer flush plates 2 March 2018

    German brand Viega has extended its range of designer flush plates with the launch of its Visign for Style 105 model. Visign for Style 105 is available with manual flush activation as well as a touchless model, the Visign for ... Continue Reading