Water Quality
  • Membrane water filtration 23 June 2009

    Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL), a global leader in filtration, separation and purification systems and technologies, announced today that it has won a $14.7 million municipal water contract for the design and installation of a Pall Aria™ integrated microfiltration (MF)/ reverse ... Continue Reading

  • Drinking quality in China 16 February 2009

    More than 40% of drinking water in rural areas of China is unhealthy, according to the Ministry of Health. In country areas, 75% of people drink water from underground sources while the rest drink surface water, much of which ... Continue Reading

  • Filipino health problems 16 February 2009

    A recent study by the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) found that some 31 Filipinos, mostly children, die every day from diarrhoea due to poor sanitation and hygiene. The report found that 27 ... Continue Reading

  • Clean water in Vietnam 13 February 2009

    Around 74% of the Vietnamese population live in rural areas, where only 66% of rural residents have access to clean water, compared to 82% in urban areas. About 52% of the households in Vietnam’s rural population have ... Continue Reading

  • Bad water kills more children than war 13 February 2009

    In the Western world there is scant appreciation of how fortunate we are to have public infrastructure, general good health and pleasant living conditions. One of the best illustrations of the divide between rich and poor nations ... Continue Reading

  • Poisoned water threatens developing countries 12 February 2009

    Drinking water in Bangladesh is making millions of people sick due to arsenic contamination and may be killing as many as 3,000 a year. Arsenic is widely distributed through the earth’s crust and is present in almost all waters in ... Continue Reading

  • A new approach to water access 4 February 2009

    After decades of apartheid South Africa is dealing with many social and environmental problems. The plumbing industry is keen to do its share. South Africa is the fourth largest country in Africa, with a surface area of more than a ... Continue Reading