Drainage & Venting
  • Plastec Compact Floor Waste Gully 12 September 2017

    Another great innovation from the team at Plastec Australia is a new range of compact Floor Waste Gullies. These gully kits have been designed to require significantly less ceiling space for installation than most regular gullies in the marketplace today. They will ... Continue Reading

  • Siphoning change 13 April 2016

    A clever siphonic roofing solution from Geberit has reduced rainwater drainage piping by up to 90% in Wollongong Hospital’s car park redevelopment. To support the population growth in one of NSW’s largest regional cities, Wollongong Hospital was allocated $30.5m by the ... Continue Reading

  • A Pro-Active Solution 2 December 2015

    A study into the causes of the 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong, which resulted in numerous deaths and illnesses, yields the lesson that water trap seals play a pivotal role in minimising the spread of deadly pathogens. Justin Felix ... Continue Reading

  • Re-designing Roof Performance 1 October 2015

    In the Spring edition of Plumbing Connection  you will read about an exciting research project being undertaken by the AHSCA in conjunction with the University of the Sunshine Coast. It’s well acknowledged that many of our Standards are not keeping up ... Continue Reading

  • Geberit Delivers Customised Solution 8 September 2015

    A pioneer in the revitalisation of Brisbane’s Queens Wharf district, 1 William Street, is the iconic structure transforming the city’s skyline and government precinct. Of the 74,853sqm of lettable area, developer CBUS has allocated 60,000sqm for the Queensland Public Service, with ... Continue Reading

  • Maintain the Drain 26 March 2015

    Drain cleaning is a dirty job but the introduction of new technologies in the marketplace has made inspecting and cleaning them a less arduous task. We look at five new products to consider before taking on your next drain cleaning ... Continue Reading

  • Stacked & Ready 1 December 2014

    Economical drainage of high-rise buildings can be a tricky task to achieve, however the Sovent fittings from Geberit aim to do just that. Justin Felix reports. Geberit Sovent, a single stack drainage system, was developed in 1959 by Fritz Sommer, ... Continue Reading

  • Toilets get new ventilation 27 May 2013

    A new technology that removes unwanted odours from the toilet is a potential upsell for plumbers and could put an end to smelly bathrooms forever. Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. Nobody. The problem is that there’s a limitation to how ... Continue Reading

  • Pressure Attenuators – seven years on 28 August 2012

    Pressure Attenuators, introduced by Studor to the market in 2003 and approved for use in Australia in 2005, have revolutionised multi-storey sanitary drainage in Australia. The uptake of the Pressure Attenuator – an alternative to relief venting – was ... Continue Reading

  • Drainline transport of waste 26 June 2012

    John Koeller, the principal of Koeller and Company offers a comparison between washdown and siphonic toilets. When you work with toilets as we do, and especially water-efficient toilets, you are bound to hear some statements over and over, especially these:... Continue Reading