Siphonic roof drainage software

With DrainStar(R), the smart design and calculation software for siphonic roof drainage, benefits are double: up to 60% of building costs can be saved, while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.

Environmental research experts have been demanding a dematerialization of the economy and improved compatibility with nature. Instead of exploiting nature, modern technology should be designed to harmonize with the organic flows of nature influenced by sun, wind, water or gravity – to make them useful to human purposes without disrupting them.

This is exactly what siphonic roof drainage does: gravity, one of the powers of nature, sucks rain water off the roof. Such enormous suction power makes it possible to significantly reduce pipe dimensions and the number of roof outlets compared to conventional roof drainage.

Benefit 1 – Principals or builder-owners save about 60 % of material costs.

Benefit 2 – Nature profits at every stage of the product chain.

“Over 90% of all materials and energy are consumed before the product is even finished,” writes Professor Wolfgang Sachs of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, a renowned European environmental think tank.

Two essentials of effective siphonic drainage are experienced personnel and powerful calculation software. Due to the exact dimensioning and assembly work a siphonic drainage system requires, accurate calculation of pipe dimensions has been challenging, as each drainage system has its particular layout. But now, effective designing can be smooth and easy: The DrainStar(R) Siphonic Calculator is a custom-designed tool to provide calculations for all required products and materials to the roof drain and pipe manufacturing industry. The software calculates all costs, along with parts lists and detailed isometric drawings, with only a few data entries required from the builder-owner or designer.

For around 40 years, siphonic roof drainage has been a reliable technology in Europe. Safety standards are just as high as for conventional roof drainage systems.

DrainStar(R) takes this proven technology into a new era and makes it universally available. In fact, Keidel’s software tool is already used in many countries around the world, as it can be easily adapted to local conditions.

Jürgen Frei, former general manager of Wavin, a Keidel customer, remarks on DrainStar(R): “The clear graphical presentation allows for easy editing and handling of projects, and enables the user to run pipe network calculations very quickly”.

And German engineer Hans Georg Aufmhoff describes his user experience in this way: “In a nutshell, the DrainStar Siphonic Calculator is a reliable tool that is key to boosting functional and economic efficiency in flat roof drainage technology.”

Maxflow, another of Keidel’s customers enjoying the benefits of DrainStar(R), even achieved certification of their products, as well as approval of Keidel’s DrainStar(R) as a siphonic drainage system throughout the UK, by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

On the web site, , provides a real-life example of the alternatives: conventional drainage or siphonic drainage? How to save up to 61% of the costs for a 700 m2 roof surface.

The ecological effects of siphonic roof drainage are of advantage when applying for various Green Building programs for sustainable building, such as LEED.

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