Milwaukee gets serious about drain cleaning

Milwaukee gets serious about drain cleaning

Over the next few months the traditional suppliers in the drain cleaning segment are about to face some stiff new competition from Milwaukee plumbing tools.

The brand has been on a strong growth curve with its traditional contractor power and hand tools but is now taking a particular focus on the plumbing and electrical segments.

Milwaukee have redesigned the lighter end of the drain cleaner market with innovative products that feature improved user safety, ergonomics and performance. All the products are powered by Milwaukee’s lithium ion cordless battery platform – not a cord in sight!

One tool that plumbers are sure to find handy is the M12 Air Snake. Rather than running a cable down a bathroom or kitchen sink to free-up a standard clog, the Air Snake is a power gun that releases a shot of compressed air, to blow-out the obstruction, without having to disassemble traps.  You simply charge the tool to the pressure you want, seal the tip against the drain and pull the trigger. It then shoots an air charge of up to 50psi through the pipe, which they claim is effective to ~10 metres down the line. To save damaging upstream fittings, you ideally start at a lower pressure and work up the scale, until the block is cleared.

The M12 Drain Snake is another hand-held pistol grip tool, this time cable fed with a fixed drum and shield casing that protects both users and fixtures. Weighing less than 5 kgs, this model is obviously for tougher tasks but set-up time is virtually eliminated.

Topping out the range is Milwaukee’s take on a sectional drum machine, the Switch Pack TM. This exceptionally mobile unit features a tool-free drum connection with the power pack unit, that comes in the form a of back pack. The drums are fully enclosed and provide protection against mess, particularly useful when walking around a home. Cable sizes can be quickly interchanged or a second drum added for longer reach. An integrated drum brake is claimed to slow the machine up to 5x faster than current drums.

These are no toys and Milwaukee is a brand to be reckoned with.

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