Water Quality
  • Indonesia hosting Community Plumbing Challenge 31 March 2017

    It was announced today that Cicau Village in West Java, Indonesia will host this year’s international Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC), with Indonesia becoming the third country to host the CPC, following India in 2015 and South Africa in 2016. The ... Continue Reading

  • UTS water filtration system wins Technology Against Poverty prize 21 March 2017

    A water filtration system developed by a team led by Professor Saravanamuth Vigneswaran and Dr Tien Vinh Nguyen of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has won the Technology Against Poverty $500,000 ... Continue Reading

  • Arsenic-free water 4 December 2015

    When arsenic levels in the drinking water supply for the Far North Queensland town of Chillagoe were found to exceed recommended levels, it was clear a failsafe solution was paramount. In response, Mareeba Shire Council engaged Amiad Water Systems, a recognised ... Continue Reading

  • The Bacteria Puzzle 7 October 2015

    Legionella and pseudomonas bacteria have a presence in hospitals and aged care facilities around the world. Kate Jordan looks at what needs to be done to control and prevent further infections. Bacteria are an inevitable part of life. Many are benign ... Continue Reading

  • Reece Grant Recipients 10 September 2015

    Reece, Australia’s leading name in plumbing, announces recipients of the Reece Grant, helping three plumbers on their mission to improve water supply and sanitation for communities in need. Reece has granted three inspiring Australian tradies a total of $25,000 to kick-start ... Continue Reading

  • Changes in water consumption 18 August 2011

    How urbanisation is changing water consumption and distribution and a new way to combat the problem of dissipating water resources. It is predicted major urban centres in Australia will have an additional demand of over 600 billion litres of ... Continue Reading

  • Water sterilisation in hospitals 19 November 2009

    Hospitals are by necessity significant water users. A new connection method for sterilising systems is set to save hospitals an average of 4,400L per day. Angela Tufvesson reports. The public health benefits of plumbing are never more apparent than in ... Continue Reading

  • Rainwater tank pollution 19 November 2009

    Lead has long been targeted as a potentially harmful water contaminant. As rainwater tanks become increasingly popular, it begs the question: do they harbour elevated lead levels that are dangerous to public health? Angela Tufvesson investigates. It’s a relatively new ... Continue Reading

  • Water system shares in funding 24 September 2009

    An innovative water system that mirrors cyclonic storm action to purify water for reuse is the recipient of government funding. An innovative water system which mirrors cyclonic storm action to purify water for reuse is one of 14 Australian projects ... Continue Reading

  • Water quality tips 2 July 2009

    One of the best ways to educate yourself about local water quality conditions is to obtain a copy of your community’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Issued around 1 July each year, these water quality reports provide customers of public ... Continue Reading