Water Efficiency & Dry Drains
  • Waste heat recycling 17 February 2009

    A new heat-recovery technology being developed to capture low-grade heat in wastewater shows commercial promise. Low-grade heat 25ºC (80ºF) in wastewater discharged into the drainage system is an everyday by-product from commercial and domestic properties. It comes from sources such ... Continue Reading

  • Cloud seeding could help solve water shortage 17 February 2009

    Some people may think cloud seeding to create rain belongs in the realms of science fiction, but it is alive and well in many countries. Cloud seeding should not – as some would have us believe – be put in ... Continue Reading

  • Positive trends to water and energy commitments 16 February 2009

    The results of a survey WPR magazine conducted in 2008, unearthed some interesting facts and figures. Obviously, with any such survey that is run across borders and continents, there are many local issues that can affect answers, ... Continue Reading

  • Structured plumbing offers real benefits for water savers 16 February 2009

    Because there is a clear link between water use and energy consumption, saving water can also save energy. The search is underway to find more efficient ways of delivering water to limit energy and water loss. If the ... Continue Reading

  • Plumbing industry gets smart about water use 16 February 2009

    One of the foundation aims of worldplumbinginfo.com is to spread knowledge and good practice globally to reduce water use and improve sanitation. The first two water-saving ideas, which we have called ‘Cleaning the carrots’ and ... Continue Reading

  • Reduced flush volume and drainline testing 16 February 2009

    Does reduced flush volume have a negative effect on the performance in the drain line? One manufacturer was keen to find out. The increasing practice of reducing the volume of water used ... Continue Reading

  • Water recycling means water savings 10 February 2009

    Hansgrohe, famous for its innovative plumbing fixtures is equally passionate about ‘upstream’ water recycling. A decade ago many progressive companies in the plumbing sector were investigating ways to make their products more water-efficient. But few many organisations were ... Continue Reading

  • Are waterless urinals a health hazard or a water saver’s friend? 5 February 2009

    It’s not often that plumbing makes the daily news, but in late 2005 the Los Angeles Times ran a story about a controversial ruling on waterless urinals by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials ... Continue Reading

  • Shower head efficiency 5 February 2009

    With more effort being devoted to development of products that contribute to a sustainable future, attention has turned to shower head performance. The British group Arup has undertaken a shower performance research project to better understand the ... Continue Reading