Disease Outbreak Control
  • Legionella HACCP plan demonstration 12 November 2012

    The HACCP approach to managing building water systems for Legionella control has been recommended by the World Health Organization since 2007 and is proposed in ASHRAE 188P. In free webinars repeated every few weeks in the coming months, Matt Freije ... Continue Reading

  • Is swine flu a sanitary problem? 4 May 2009

    Before we look at what the World Health Organisation have to say about the current Swine Flu pandemic, take a look at the special feature attached below from eOfficial magazine which reports on how plumbers should be the first ... Continue Reading

  • Bacteria used to eat through a fatty problem 13 February 2009

    Until recently, mechanical methods have been used to clear blockages in sewerage systems caused by fats, oils and greases. But not everyone agrees. A different school of thought is biting into traditional thinking. Build-up of fat, oil and grease in ... Continue Reading

  • Poisoned water threatens developing countries 12 February 2009

    Drinking water in Bangladesh is making millions of people sick due to arsenic contamination and may be killing as many as 3,000 a year. Arsenic is widely distributed through the earth’s crust and is present in almost all waters in ... Continue Reading

  • Plumbing’s foot and mouth problem 11 February 2009

    An investigation into the causes of the UK foot and mouth outbreak, which resulted in the slaughter of at least 60 cattle in 2007, yields the lesson that biosecurity and high-grade plumbing go hand in hand. In 2001 a ... Continue Reading

  • Curing pathogens in the pipes 11 February 2009

    The deaths of six infants in a Canadian neo-natal ward reinforce the need for hospitals to be exceptionally vigilant about maintaining a healthy plumbing system to guard against waterborne pathogens. The typical hospital houses large numbers of people in close ... Continue Reading

  • Air pressure and drainage cross-contamination 10 February 2009

    An air pressure transient approach looks like an answer to a common health concern. The appliance trap seal has been the primary defence against drainage cross-contamination since its invention in the late 18th century and its introduction into ‘modern’ drainage ... Continue Reading