Australia leads the way in certifying greywater innovations

Australia leads the way in certifying greywater innovations

What’s blue and grey and all over Australia? Smart WaterMark.

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water conservation label, identifying, certifying and promoting products and services that help save water.

A not-for-profit program, our vision is of an Australia that is aware of, and actively engaged in, water conservation.
Smart WaterMark:
• Identifies and promotes innovative products and services that help conserve water.
• Provides consumers with an unbiased, independent resource so they may make informed choices and understand often complex water conservation issues.
• Underpins government and utilities’ water efficiency programs including rebates.
• Champions and promotes innovative solutions for sustainable water use.
• Provides a national platform for water efficiency research.

Many of the products and services approved by Smart WaterMark control, divert, store, recycle or process grey water.

Smart WaterMark is presently developing Applicant’s Guidelines for Greywater Systems. As part of this process research was undertaken into the greywater regulatory framework and current technologies.

Each State and Territory has different laws and regulations governing greywater, making it an often-complex area for both consumers and industry players. To help, a dedicated page on the website exists outlining greywater has been created linking to the latest information on grewwater regulatory framework.

Working in Partnership
Smart WaterMark was founded by the Australian Water Association, the Irrigation Association of Australia, the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia and the Water Services Association of Australia.

A not-for-profit program, supported by government and industry, is overseen by a Steering Committee with representation from Commonwealth and State Governments, water utilities, the founding associations, and the chair of the scheme’s Technical Expert Panel.

Smart WaterMark is gaining international reach, and is a member of both Water Stewardship Australia and the Global Water Footprint Network.

Expert Panel process
Products and services wishing to independently verify their water savings claims apply to Smart WaterMark. The application process starts with the submission of an application form and documentation to support water-saving claims.

Next, the scheme’s independent Technical Expert Panel reviews the application against four criteria of water saving, fit for purpose, meets regulations and standards and is environmentally sustainable. The Expert Panel meet every four months to review applications.


1. Water Saving
That the primary purpose of the product or service is directly related to reducing actual water use and/or using water more efficiently, where there is a direct correlation between the use of the product and water savings.
2. Fit for Purpose
That the appropriate use of the product or service is consistent with supplied instructions and other documentation.
3. Meets Regulations and Standards
That the product or service is of high quality and meets industry standards, and customer and community expectations, in relation to water use.
4. Environmentally Sustainable

That the product or service, while satisfying the above three criteria, is environmentally sustainable, and despite claimed water savings will not adversely affect the environment in other areas.

If an application is approved, the certified product or service may use the Smart WaterMark logo for two years. The product or service is added to the live approved list on the industry and consumer websites, and Australia’s first mobile raintank app iSaveH2O and included in any relevant state and federal rebate schemes.

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