WPC to support dry drains forum

The World Plumbing Council has agreed to co-brand a seminar focusing on the issues of drain line performance which are being experienced in many parts of the world.

With increasing emphasis on climate change, population growth, prolonged drought and excessive water consumption, attention is now being directed at the effect of less flow in drains. This forum will explore solutions which can ensure that existing and new drainage systems perform as expected with reduced water flow.

The Dray Drains Forum will take place in conjunction with the ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday 11 March 2009. The Forum is being managed by worldplumbinginfo.com and will feature a distinguished international panel of experts:

Professor John A Swaffield (Chairman) Scotland
Professor Dr-Ingo Mete Demiriz Germany
John M Koeller PE USA
Dr Steve Cummings Australia
Jeffrey Clark Australia
Les Barnard Australia
Dr Lynne B Jack Scotland
Don Boynton PE Australia

Registration for this event can be made on the Dry Drains Forum website: http://www.drydrains.com

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