World Toilet Summit 2017

World Toilet Summit 2017

The World Toilet Summit will be taking place at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 20-21 November 2017.

This global event brings together various sanitation stakeholders under one roof to collaborate on innovative projects, inventions and products in the sanitation sector. It is an annual event that was initiated by the World Toilet Organisation in 2001.

The World Toilet Summit aims to empower delegates, exhibitors and sponsors to share best practices in the sanitation sector. The event also encourages attendees to exchange knowledge, expertise and resources in scaling up impact and innovation in the sanitation marketplace.

The key themes to be covered at the 2017 include:

  • Movement to meet Sustainable Development Goal #6 on water and sanitation
  • Sanitation and Hygiene in crisis zones
  • WASH and menstrual hygiene in schools
  • Behavioural change
  • Social enterprise solutions
  • Collaborative approaches to sanitation solutions
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