Tsurumi Pump Grinds Costs

Tsurumi Pump Grinds Costs

Tsurumi grinder pumps offer cost savings over conventional pumps because they reduce the size of the solids passed using a ‘grinder’ process. Although this is not a radical new technology the new Tsurumi grinders offer users significant advantages.

Tsurumi, the world’s leader in submersible pumps, has developed their MG series of grinder pumps for efficient handling of solids. The pumps grind solids passing through into small pieces for waste to travel through narrow discharge pipes.

“Tsurumi’s breakthrough grinder design enables solids to be transferred through cost effective 1 1/2″ and 2” pipes, and at high pressures. This means the pumps deliver higher heads for moving wastewater further distances,” says Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Bob Massiah.

“Grinding the solids smaller also means the waste breaks down faster and more efficiently. Those features translate into real benefits for applications as diverse as food processing, livestock waste and even small packaged sewerage.”

Tsurumi opted to use high chromium iron for the grinder mechanism over stainless steel for its abrasion resistance. Users report that the new MG series pumps outlast other grinder pumps.

The 3 phase, 2 pole, cast iron pumps are available with 32mm & 50mm discharge ports. The 50mm pump has a maximum head of 35 metres (50 psi) and a capacity of up to 320 lpm.

Tsurumi developed special high torque, 2 pole motors for these pumps that can start up even when the pump chamber is filled with solid-laden liquid.

“It’s that extra torque incorporated in the special motor windings that make the difference,” says Bob.

Tsurumi’s MG series can be mounted on guide rails. This makes it simple to remove the pumps for maintenance and service. An adaptor plate is available to enable swap out of other brands without the need to replace the existing guide rails or ductfoot elbows.

Like all Tsurumi submersible pumps, the MG series include features that extend the life and enhance reliability of the pump. Significant design details make a big difference. They include an anti-wicking cable entry that prevents water from entering the motor if the power lead is damaged or the end of the cable is accidentally submerged.

A silicon carbide seal is standard on all models. All seal surfaces are submerged in an oil chamber, away from the pumped liquid. This ensures lubrication and protects against ingress of foreign materials.

The oil bath features a patented ‘Oil Lifter’ that increases mech seal longevity. The lifter ensures both the upper and lower seals are lubricated and cooled, even if the oil level in the chamber is low.

“Tsurumi is the only company we know of that will offer a three year warranty on submersible sewage pumps,” says Bob.

Further information on the complete range of Tsurumi submersible pumps is available on the Australian Pump website (www.aussiepumps.com.au) or contact Tsurumi Product Manager Bob Massiah on (02) 8865 3500.


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