Toilets get new ventilation

Toilets get new ventilation

A new technology that removes unwanted odours from the toilet is a potential upsell for plumbers and could put an end to smelly bathrooms forever.

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. Nobody. The problem is that there’s a limitation to how much odour an air freshener can mask. When you’ve done ‘the deed’, it’s already too late – the smell has escaped into the room, the damage has been done, and your only option is to get away from the scene of the crime as quickly as possible, and hope that nobody uses the toilet for a good half an hour.

It’s a serious problem. An epidemic some might say…

But there is a solution – and it comes in the shape of OdourVac. This system is installed directly into a toilet and removes any aromas before they are able to escape into the room…and into our nostrils.

Fantech Plus has taken on distribution of the smell-stopper, and the company has simplified the system by splitting it into two kits – the OVK1 and OVK2.

Fantech Plus marketing service manager Frank Cosentino says the desire to distribute the system came from a direct demand from its customers.

“We saw that homeowners wanted a more effective system to quickly remove unpleasant toilet odours from their toilet or bathroom,” he says.

“They also said they wanted the system to be unobtrusive and maintenance free. That’s where the OdourVac comes in.”
Frank adds that the technology behind OdourVac is deceptively clever.

“The smart system even includes a balancing valve which makes it easy to adjust the airflow, making it effective without causing drafts or unpleasant noise,” he says.

“The system itself looks simple from the outside, but it is clever because it uses the toilet’s overflow pipe to draw odours from the source before they have chance to spread into the bathroom.”

It’s this clever technique that sets it apart from traditional odour removing methods, such as ceiling fans and air fresheners.

“Ceiling fans have been around for a long time and in most cases they do an adequate job of removing odours from the bathroom,” Frank says.

“The big advantage of the OdourVac system is that it targets the source of the odour and therefore only needs to run while the toilet is in use. Conventional ceiling fans need to run longer due to the odours spreading to a larger area before being extracted to the outside. Air fresheners simply disguise the problem rather than remove it. That can become expensive over time.”

Frank adds that the installing the kits is easy, but it is primarily aimed at people building a new home or who are undertaking major bathroom or toilet renovations.

“This is because the system’s pipework is ideally housed inside the wall cavity. However, this can also be mounted on the home’s external wall if necessary,” he says.

“There are a clear set of instructions included with each kit and any additional components required are listed on the packaging,” Frank says.

“The OVK1 kit is mainly designed for a toilet or powder room and it includes all the components required, except for the 50mm PVC pipe. That can be sourced from most hardware or plumbing outlets.

“The OVK2 is ideal for larger bathrooms and ensuites and works in conjunction with a number of separate Fantech ventilation kits. These ventilation kits include the extraction fan and can be exhausted through the roof, wall or house eaves.

“Then we have a combined system which removes toilet odour from your toilet and water vapour from your shower.”

The OdourVac system is compatible with most types of toilet suites sold in Australia.

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