Stormwater research on QLD TV

Stormwater research on QLD TV

On March 24 a group of leading plumbing consultants and architects from around Australia visited the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia (AHSCA) stormwater testing rig project at the University of Southern Queensland for a demonstration day.

The event demonstrated the research possibilities of the structure, which was designed to model how a large building’s drainage system copes with standard and extreme rainfall events.

With more than 60 locations across Queensland receiving the largest amounts of March rainfall ever recorded thanks to Cyclone Debbie, it was an appropriate time to showcase the value of this significant project.

The rig allows researchers to see how a roof drainage system would stand up to a stormwater event, from a shower through to a serious storm. The pumping system is one of a kind and fully programmable, allowing it to model any possible storm event.

The rig has received TV coverage across Queensland and the project’s value is being rapidly acknowledged across the building sector in general.


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