Showerdome Australia showcases its steam free bathroom solution

Showerdome Australia showcases its steam free bathroom solution

Melbourne-based Showerdome Australia’s Showerdome bathroom accessory aims to prevent steam and condensation build-up in bathrooms.

The Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome that attaches to the shower cubicle, which aims to permanently remove steam from bathrooms. Bathrooms will remain dry, while the inside of the shower stays warm and clear. Showerdome aims to prevent mould and extend the life of paint and bathroom features.

Showerdome Australia director Maria Jory says that reduced maintenance and upkeep are some of the key benefits of installing a Showerdome.

“All Showerdomes are manufactured on blanks bigger than they need to be, the advantage of this is a greater chance that there is a Showerdome shower top that will fit your shower,” Maria says.

“If the bathroom walls are not square, the Showerdome can also be trimmed to accommodate specific measurements – there are also no restrictions when it comes to the make & model of the shower cubicle.

“Condensation on ceilings and walls in the bathroom will damage paint, and encourage the growth of unsightly mould and mildew.

“Installing a Showerdome eliminates these issues and dramatically reduces bathroom maintenance and general upkeep costs of up to $230 per year.”

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