Rheem’s new Metro 26 continuous flow water heater

Rheem’s new Metro 26 continuous flow water heater

Rheem has launched its new Metro 26 Continuous Flow water heater – and it combines a range of features and benefits that will appeal to both installers and householders.

“This sleek, unobtrusive system sets a new benchmark in continuous flow gas hot water,” says John Wilkins, Rheem Australia Product Marketing Manager. “Aesthetically it has smooth lines with concealed screws, and comes in a modern colour, which will be of interest to householders; and for installers – we’ve made this system even more flexible for ease of installation. Its compact for smaller or cramped spaces, while the standard unit is compatible with Rheem Flue diverters to ensure even greater flexibility.”

The 6 Star Rheem Metro 26 has also been created with water and energy saving at the forefront – most notably the improved hot water delivery at cold start up. “This is a marked improvement while still reinforcing the water saving benefits of the new system,” adds John.

At a glance: features and benefits of the Rheem Metro 26 Continuous Flow water heater:

  • 6 Star efficiency
  • Sleek new design
  • 50ºC models available for greater safety, adjustable up to 53ºC at installation for hotter water at the tap
  • Standard Rheem Metro 26 unit – both 50ºC and 60ºC is compatible with Rheem’s stainless steel Flue Diverters. These ensure added flexibility in installation while enabling compliance with relevant national and local regulations.
    • Diverters suit left or right handed fitting and have a fixed heat shield for added homeowner safety
  • Digital OK monitor:
    • Clearly displays error codes should a fault occur
    • Shows your set hot water temperature when operating
  • More compact than some 26L units (even better for small spaces)
  • Improved hot water delivery at cold start up, while saving energy and water
  • More flexible (so it’s installable in more places with confidence):
    • Just 2L/minute minimum operating water flow
    • Minimum water supply pressure just 120kPa
  • 10-year Heat Exchanger warranty
  • Flamesafe® overheat protection, automatically shuts down the water heater should it overheat
  • Rheem EZ Link® compatible, to link two units for up to 52L/minute delivery
  • Remote Temperature Controllers available for convenience and added safety

More information about Rheem’s new Metro 26 Continuous Flow can be found at www.rheem.com.au

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