Pumped shower awareness

An extensive public awareness program is needed to steer customers away from using pumped showers.

Due to their inherent low use of water and energy, electric showers should be promoted in preference to mixer or pumped showers.

Manufacturers should produce and promote water-saving showerheads that limit flow without affecting customer acceptance.

These have to be fixed-head types so that users cannot select a higher flow.

Water companies and others need to encourage customers to retrofit water-saving showerheads to mixer or pumped showers with high flow rates.

The water industry should investigate pressure regulation in areas where high mains pressures are unavoidable.

Data from the study can be used in information schemes to help in the selection of water-efficient products. Showerheads are available that restrict the flow rate of mixer or pumped showers to below 8L per minute and still give acceptable performance.

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