Plumbing Plus and Plumbtec to merge

Plumbing Plus and Plumbtec to merge

Plumbing Plus and Plumbtec have announced they have agreed in principle to merge, subject to regulatory approval.

As of 1 July 2018 the 58 members of Plumtec will become members of Plumbing Plus, with the merged organisation adopting the Plumbing Plus name and structure. The organisation will also be serviced by the Plumbing Plus secretariat, which is based in Melbourne.

In a joint statement Plumbing Plus chairman Reyn Bennell and Plumbtec chairman Michael Benton say the new Plumbing Plus group will be the second largest supplier of plumbing, hardware, bathroom and kitchen products in Australia, with annual sales in excess of $800m.

“In discussions over recent months, the two boards of Plumbtec and Plumbing Plus have found a common desire to strengthen their presence across Australia. Our members have overwhelmingly endorsed the merger plan in votes we have conducted over the last two weeks. It has been very gratifying to have their support.”

Following the endorsement of the merger by the membership of both groups, a working party will now be established to facilitate the transition to the new Plumbing Plus.

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