Plumber caught using lead solder

Plumber caught using lead solder

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has issued a warning to property owners after a Queensland plumber was caught using lead solder on water pipes.

Southeast Queenslanders who have had work done by plumbing-electrical contractor Brett George Hogan (occupational plumbing licence – 24958) or company, Hot Water One, (not to be confused with other licensees of the same or similar names) in the past five years are being urged to contact authorities.

QBCC said Brett has undertaken 786 notifiable works for the replacement of hot water systems since 2012 and a QBCC investigation of 28 properties has confirmed Brett has used a soft-lead solder product with a lead content above the amount allowed by Australian Standards on eight properties.

Lead solder is frequently used in electrical work but is not appropriate for plumbing work due to the potential risk of contamination of the water supply.

However, the first batch of water tests conducted by Queensland Health showed lead levels from taps in the kitchen, bathroom and garden were below recommended levels and safe to use.

“It’s a great first indicator, but we strongly encourage affected property owners to have an inspection and that is why we are contacting those people who we know have had plumbing work done by Hot Water One. If you think you have had work done by Mr Hogan or this company, please call us on 139 333 to arrange a free inspection,” said QBCC commissioner Brett Bassett.

Following a complaint to QBCC, Brett was fined $7,000 in February and had his plumbing license suspended for 12 months.

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