Nuflow Announces International Expansion

Nuflow Announces International Expansion

The only Australian based company licensed to roll out the innovative Nuflow technology is set to ensure the future supply of clean drinking water in Asian countries by providing a barrier against dangerous toxins from entering pipe water supplies.

The breakthrough comes as Gold Coast-based pipe repair company Nuflow Technologies today announced its international expansion, with operations now established in Hong Kong, India, Thailand and Singapore.

Nuflow Technologies director Ed Ahern said the company aimed to ensure a safe and viable supply of water for communities in each of the target markets, where serious issues with existing pipes and drainage had been identified.

“Asia is our closest neighbour, so it made sense to focus on establishing a market there as we unrolled our strategy for international expansion,” Mr Ahern said.

“But in my view, there is a real need to address concerns with the systems that have been put in place there, and we are working with local authorities and companies in each targeted country to work on solutions to the problems that have arisen.”

In Hong Kong, Nuflow Technologies is conducting trials using its patented pipe-lining systems to prevent lead from entering copper pipes after it was revealed dangerous levels of the poison had tainted drinking water at housing estates in Kowloon City last year.

“We have adapted our product and developed a process to eliminate lead deposits that were found to have contaminated the copper piping in a high percentage of the units in the city, and after successful trials last year we are currently in the process of obtaining approval to carry out this major project in the next six months,” Mr Ahern said.

Nuflow Technologies has already made inroads in the immense Indian market, where the company has worked with local contractors over four years to correct pipe corrosion that was causing discolouration to local water supply, rendering it unfit for drinking.

With clients including ITC Hotels, one of India’s largest chains with more than 100 luxury hotels across the country, Mr Ahern said Nuflow Technologies’ experienced technicians worked with local contractors to fix broken underground pipes without digging, which was particularly important when working with historic buildings found in many Asian centres.

Nuflow Technologies is also working with Thai authorities to line water mains and fix leakages in Bangkok’s central supply system, while in Singapore, trials will be conducted in 2016 to address corrosion in drainage work in high-rise buildings in the populous city.


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