Nubian is at the heart of grey water

Nubian is one of the world’s leaders in grey water solutions, following is the company’s four keys to grey water management.

The nature of grey water (GW) is commonly misrepresented in the global community, however there are trends emerging today revealing a re-focus on the importance of GW in residential and commercial buildings. These trends reflect the rise of green buildings and the probability of El Nino’s return, forcing people to reconsider water options. Barry Porter, CEO Nubian Water Systems believes there are four crucial elements in managing and providing innovative GW systems:

1. Small physical foot print: When plumbers are looking at installing a GW system it is generally for installation in a house or an office. A residential GW system will sit above ground, an office GW system must be able to fit in the plant room. Both systems must not occupy a lot of space.
2. Low electricity use: Using gravity as a mechanism for reducing reliability on electricity, Nubian has been able to assist in not only reducing water bills but also electricity bills.
3. High yield of water recycled: The whole reason for installing a GW system is to save water. For most GW systems, for every 100L of water that goes in only 80% reusable water comes out. With a Nubian GW system, 95% of water disseminated is reusable.
4. Quality of water output: The more outputs accessible in a GW system means you are not minimising the amount of water needed. More outputs on a GW system allows the owner to maximise the amount of water used and re-used, also equalling better bang for buck.

Nubian embed these four key fundamentals into the heart of their business model. “These four principles should make up the DNA of any water sustainability product,” Mr Porter says.

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