Methven Evenflow

Methven’s new innovation is Evenflo™ technology, which ensures that the water flow delivered, is consistent and prevents fluctuations in water temperature when pressure is unbalanced.

The greater range of the handle movement allowed by Evenflo technology ensures a more precise temperature transition from hot to cold, preventing scalding and thermal shock. Evenflo saves water and balances any water system in the household by regulating the flow of water at the faucet. As a result any number of taps can be turned on and off making no difference to the water temperature or flow rate.

“Methven is driven by a team of enthusiastic designers and engineers, we strive to achieve an even better experience through product innovation,” says general manager of marketing Mitchell Golledge.

Methven’s approach to product design is defined by an empathic understanding of the needs and habits of our consumers. The resulting product innovation has been formed and led by the insights gathered, founded on our consumer preferences. We create what you tell us you want. The release of Evenflo is due to the market in September 2010.

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