Introducing the new Bosch Blue cordless vacuum

Introducing the new Bosch Blue cordless vacuum

Bosch Blue has expanded its range of cordless vacuums with the new GAS 18V-1 vacuum that features two rotational airflows that prevent the filter from clogging.

The patented dual-stage two airflow system can extract dust from the airflow before it even reaches the filter. The first rotational airflow extracts the majority of the dust with the second extracting phase filtering out any minor particles that would end up in the filter.

As a result of an upgraded battery, the vacuum can run up to 42 minutes longer without having to clean the filter. Its washable parts and dust cap can be assembled and disassembled in just a few seconds meaning maximum work time and minimal fuss.

It also comes with two nozzles that allow the user to reach in high places and tight crevices as well as an extension of suction tubes to use on carpet, wood, laminate or tiles.

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