IAPMO Oceana acquires HRL laboratory

IAPMO Oceana acquires HRL laboratory

IAPMO R&T Oceana has announced the acquisition of HRL’s NATA-accredited gas appliance testing laboratory located in Victoria, Australia.

The acquisition will enable HRL to focus on its core business while IAPMO delivers a critical end-to-end gas appliance testing and certification service to its clients.

“We at HRL are delighted to announce the transferral of ownership of our gas appliance testing laboratory to such a distinguished global partner as IAPMO. We’ve worked tirelessly over many years to create a top-class, NATA-accredited gas appliance testing laboratory of which we’re very proud, enabling businesses to obtain certification and get safe products to market faster than ever before. By transferring the ownership of our gas appliance testing laboratory, we’re putting a valuable asset and capability in the right hands, enabling us to focus on our core business. We look forward to seeing IAPMO leverage the asset for the benefit of its customers and the safety of the built environment we all live in,” said HRL chief executive Ken Jefferd.

IAPMO R&T Oceana is accredited to operate an effective quality certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products to use the WaterMark symbol to meet regulatory requirements. In addition, it offers certification services to its own OceanaMark and GasMark product certification schemes to Australian and international standards.

“Our acquisition of the world-class HRL gas appliance testing laboratory will allow IAPMO Oceana to offer and deliver to our customers a faster, more convenient and cost-effective gas appliance testing and certification service. We can now add laboratory testing of gas appliances to our suite of services that we can offer our customers,” said IAPMO R&T Oceana managing director Paul Bonsak.

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