HFT bring in new pipe stoppers

HFT bring in new pipe stoppers

The Pipestoppers Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has introduced the Low Profile Stopper for all applications where there isn’t enough pipe length available for the regular Cylindrical or Spherical Stopper.

“The Low Profile Stopper can fit into a pipe end that may be directly on an elbow or just inside a flanged neck on a casting. Other applications include blocking pipe ends to keep gases inside or top keep debris and vermin out,” says HFT chairman Ron Sewell.

The stoppers are made from tough, robust fabric and come in sizes that range between six and 88 inches that also tightly grip the inside of the pipe while having an airtight seal. Each stopper is fitted with a Schrader Valve and is incredibly easy to inflate with a foot pump or standard air compressor.

The range comprises of the following:

  • Cylindrical and Spherical Stoppers: an easy way to stop the flow of gas or liquid inside pipes and ducts and available up to 96” (2,440 mm). For higher temperatures, these Inflatable Stoppers can also be manufactured with a Heat Resistant Cover for temperatures up to 300ºC (572ºF).
  • PetroChem Stoppers: manufactured from high-grade latex, they are used for stopping off pipes with hydrocarbon gases and liquids inside.
  • Inflatable Rubber Plugs: a wide diameter range and are tough, durable, can withstand chemicals and hydrocarbons, for higher-pressure applications, with a long life.

For more information on more of HFT’s products, please visit their website: www.huntingdonfusion.com

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