Green Line Laser from Bosch Blue

Green Line Laser from Bosch Blue

Bosch Blue has announced the expansion of its range of professional Line Lasers with the release of the GCL 2-15 G.

Featuring a green laser cross and two red plumb points, the GCL 2-15 G offers tradies the versatility to work in bright environments at any time of the day. It has a high powered green laser diode, which makes the laser four times more visible than red lasers lines, and a durable IP54 Cover that is dust and water resistant.

The GCL 2-15 G is a true green beam line laser and does not generate a green beam from a red laser diode. By using a green laser diode tradies will be able to stay on the job for longer due to improved battery runtime and reduced heat emission capabilities.

It allows tradies to work with precision up to 15m thanks to enhanced laser line accuracy of ±0.3 mm/m and comes with the RM 1 Rotating Mount attachment and a ceiling clamp.

The GCL 2-15 G also falls within the Laser Class 2, which means it maintains the same safety level as less visible red lasers.

It will be available at leading trade dealers from April and has a starting RRP of $329.

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