The dry drain argument

Plumbing Standards general manager for SA Water Jeff Clark repackaged his ISH presentation for the Plumbing Supply Forum 2009 and commented on the effect of WCs on drainline performance, the importance of correct junctions and testing waterless urinals.

“Uric acid goes harder than concrete and is difficult to clear out of the line,” said Jeff when describing the need for proper flush mechanisms.

Jeff began by speaking about sustainable plumbing with regulation to install performance-based solutions and develop new Standards based on research and work done via the ASFlow project.

“We need to develop appropriate regulation for lack of water resources and change in plumbing products. We need to look at more efficient drain line systems and the implication of extraction of greywater systems in residential buildings and installing complete blackwater systems. We want to determine the feasibility of going lower with flushing.”

To help develop appropriate Standards and conclusions a new test rig was built to complement a testing facility already purpose built that measures drain line capacity and fall.

At Wetherill Park waterless urinal evaluations were conducted for urinal A with drainline connection to a washbasin and urinal B, without basin connection to drain line. Installation of pipework was done to the Australian Standard 1:60.

What was most disturbing about Jeff’s presentation was the revelation that a particular manufacturer is testing a 3L flush volume, which could have serious ramifications on drainline carry.

Drainline performance is one of the hottest topics in plumbing at present.

For full details of Jeff’s presentation click on the link below.

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