Drainwave partners with Azzurra Bathroomware to develop water efficient and fully-certified toilet system

Drainwave partners with Azzurra Bathroomware to develop water efficient and fully-certified toilet system

According to the Australian Government, toilets account for 26% of indoor water use in the average Australian home, second only to showers, which account for 34%. Although there is an increasing trend towards low-flush, water efficient toilets to reduce this consumption, these are causing pipe blockages to become more common.

“You cannot install low flush toilets in the normal system because it creates dry drains and soft blockages. There has been a lot of research done that proves septic tank absorption trenches and beds fail through progressive clogging from biomatter build-up. The problem is caused by incremental flows that lead to localised ground saturation,” says Ducane Australia managing director Quintin Davenport.

In 2009, Ducane Australia developed an enabling technology called Drainwave that allows the use of ultra low-flush toilets to be used with conventional drainage design principles without reducing flush or flow volumes down the pipes.

Working alongside toilets, showers, washing machines and dishwashers, Drainwave optimises water flow in a building’s plumbing system by retaining some waste water and releasing it in batches. This introduces a cleaning process to the pipes, which means more efficient toilets can be developed and sold.

The periodic retention and release of waste water creates a measureable and quantifiable way of ensuring that drains continue to work even with ambitious water efficiency targets.

“The Drainwave has a tipping bucket in it so as small amounts of water collect, the bucket fills up to around 10L of water and then gravity takes over and the bucket tips. This basically gives a secondary flush, replicating an old, big volume toilet,” says Quintin.

Just over two years ago, the product gained WaterMark certification and WELS rating, making it an approved plumbing product in Australia.

Ducane has also partnered with Brisbane-based toilet manufacturing company Azzurra Bathroomware to develop a 3L flush and 2.5L half-flush toilet that works in conjunction with Drainwave. The lowest previously available dual-flush toilets in Australia used 4.5L flush and 3L half flush.

According to Ducane, installing an Azzurra toilet combined with Drainwave can lead to water savings of more than 10,000L per year for a typical building with four people, with no changes to lifestyle or habits.

“This is a reliable, cost-effective way of saving water but from a user perspective there is no change,” says Quinitn.

“For plumbers, it’s exceptionally easy to install and all the in front of wall fixtures are installed as per normal.”

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