Dam Buster sinks rainhead issues

Dam Buster sinks rainhead issues

Non-compliant, poorly fitted or ‘retro-fixed’ box gutter rainheads are the bane of roofs, often causing catastrophic and nuisance flooding.

Tired of seeing box gutter rainheads across Australia that just didn’t comply with AS/NZ3500.3, a team of plumbing industry experts came together to resolve the issue.

Too often in the roofing industry, plumbers are installing rainheads that simply don’t perform, requiring ‘solutions’ to be made to make them work, such as tin snipping in overflow holes, removing components or altering the overall product. In many cases, the result is not only still non-compliant but also an ugly fixture on a home that still doesn’t work and causes overflow flooding inside the building, creating insurance headaches for the homeowner.

The launch of the Dam Buster box gutter Rainhead means Australian roofing practitioners can now install an ‘off the shelf’, fully ASNZS3500.3 compliant, simple to fit Rainhead that meets the ‘deemed to satisfy’ requirements of the Plumbing Regulations .

Designed to perform under the most extreme conditions, including one-in-one-hundred year rain events mandated under the Standards, the Dam Buster Rainhead features an inbuilt overflow weir and overflow chute to allow a free flow of water away from the box gutter and roof installation.

The Dam Buster Rainhead is designed to be complementary to the building with an attractive facade in zincalume or Colorbond. Available in a range of sizes, it is capable of coping with rainwater from roofs up to 300sqm and is provided with an adaptor plate to adjust for non-standard box gutter sizes.

With a range of features to assist installation including inbuilt attachment points, the roofing plumber can quickly and easily fit a Dam Buster to a new build or retrofit one to any box gutter application.  It can even be easily converted for use on eaves guttering.

This amazing new, high quality Australian built and patented product can be purchased direct from the manufacturer Dam Buster (orders@dambuster.com.au) but will soon be available through plumbing suppliers across Australia.

Enquiries: 0433 486333 or 0409 716974


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