Sanitary Equipment
  • Going with the flow 23 March 2018

    WELS has had a significant impact on the plumbing supply sector, but is it enough to ensure ongoing compliance with standards? Terry Nguyen reports. The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme has been in operation for well over a decade ... Continue Reading

  • Three’s company for hot water 21 March 2018

    At a time when climate change and population growth are placing increased pressure on water resources, South East Water has developed a new rain-to-hot water system that will reduce reliance on potable water and allow homes to be plumbed with ... Continue Reading

  • The fight against wet wipes 15 March 2018

    Plumbing Connection has published stories from far and wide in relation to wet wipes posing a major threat to sewerage systems…but now the problem has made itself known on home soil. When will something be done? While manufacturers maintain their claims ... Continue Reading

  • Suck it up 15 March 2018

    Vacuum toilet technology has been around for decades, but until recently has mostly been confined to use in planes, boats and correctional facilities in Australia due to a lack of standards and codes pertaining to their installation. Now that this ... Continue Reading

  • What’s the damage? A look at contractual liquidated and agreed damages 7 March 2018

    Paul Cott looks at contractual liquidated and agreed damages, and offers some tips on how to avoid the most common traps.   To any building industry professional even remotely familiar with the contractual documents – ideally entered into prior to the commencement ... Continue Reading

  • Bursting the flexi hose bubble 1 March 2018

    Following on from the previous edition, Plumbing Connection organised a workshop with a range of industry stakeholders to discuss the issue of bursting flexible connectors. Adelle King reports.  Last edition, Plumbing Connection introduced readers to the issue of bursting flexible braided hoses, which ... Continue Reading

  • Submitting a professional tender letter 28 February 2018

    Andy Farrell explains that when it comes to submitting tender letters, it’s more than just a game of numbers. Quoting or ‘tendering’ for a project is a fundamental necessity for any plumbing business to be awarded the contract of a large job. ... Continue Reading

  • Drainwave partners with Azzurra Bathroomware to develop water efficient and fully-certified toilet system 20 February 2018

    According to the Australian Government, toilets account for 26% of indoor water use in the average Australian home, second only to showers, which account for 34%. Although there is an increasing trend towards low-flush, water efficient toilets to reduce this ... Continue Reading

  • Drain inspection and cleaning… the future of the industry? 19 February 2018

    The drain snake has stood many a drain cleaning plumber in good stead through the years and to a large extend still does. Technology however, continues to make leaps and bounds to give greater functionality. Deborah Andrich reports. For plumbers looking to ... Continue Reading

  • Bolted flanges and the trouble of corrosion 9 February 2018

    When it comes to bolted flanges, some plumbers are choosing to cut corners, which is leading to trouble with corrosion. Johnstone McGee & Gandy Hobart’s hydraulics team reports.   When working onsite, quite often it’s the small details that are overlooked. But ... Continue Reading