Tools & Equipment
  • Tsurumi Pump Grinds Costs 8 September 2017

    Tsurumi grinder pumps offer cost savings over conventional pumps because they reduce the size of the solids passed using a ‘grinder’ process. Although this is not a radical new technology the new Tsurumi grinders offer users significant advantages. Tsurumi, the world’s ... Continue Reading

  • Milwaukee gets serious about drain cleaning 7 September 2017

    Over the next few months the traditional suppliers in the drain cleaning segment are about to face some stiff new competition from Milwaukee plumbing tools. The brand has been on a strong growth curve with its traditional contractor power and hand ... Continue Reading

  • CS65x RIDGID Digital Reporting Monitor 16 August 2017

    RIDGID are proud to introduce the CS65x Digital Reporting Monitor, the first in their digital reporting monitor products to include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity. Compatible with RIDGID SeeSnake camera reels, the CS65 Digital Reporting Monitor conveniently mounts on the SeeSnake MAX ... Continue Reading

  • Ridgid Professional Tools storage set 23 June 2017

    Ridgid Professional Tools has introduced a stackable three-piece professional tool storage set for separate or combined use. The Ridgid storage system is a heavy duty cart with wheels and telescopic handle that allows users to transport valuable tools and equipment ... Continue Reading

  • RIDGID new wet/dry vacs 16 May 2017

    RIDGID Professional Tools has announced its new wet/dry vacs, which have been engineered and designed ... Continue Reading

  • Crane to roof solution 8 May 2017

    Stramit has launched the innovative Crane to Roof solution, a specially made roofing product delivery truck and mounted crane in one. Cost-effective, convenient and fast, the HIAB XS 288 E8 HiDuo crane mounted on a Volvo FM 8×4 with a ... Continue Reading

  • RIDGID micro IR-200 infrared thermometer 15 March 2017

    Ridge Tool Australia has announced the RIDGID micro IR-200 infrared thermometer, which provides simple, quick and accurate surface temperature readings at the push of a button. The IR-200 features the same technology of earlier models, including simply squeezing the trigger ... Continue Reading

  • Green Line Laser from Bosch Blue 7 March 2017

    Bosch Blue has announced the expansion of its range of professional Line Lasers with the release of the GCL 2-15 G. Featuring a green laser cross and two red plumb points, the GCL 2-15 G offers tradies the versatility to ... Continue Reading

  • Ridgid pressing jaws suit RP210-B 16 February 2017

    Jaws for pressing PEX are now available to suit the Ridgid RP 210-B pressing tool. Available sizes are 16/18, 20, 22, 25, 31 & 40mm. Jaws for copper pressing are also available in 15, 20, 25 & 32mm. Ridgid pressing tools are ... Continue Reading

  • Sub metering kits 16 January 2017

    The Austworld Sub Metering Kits feature a wide and robust stainless steel bracket along with an integrated valve that includes a spring loaded, double O-ring telescopic coupling that features a unique locking mechanism which eliminates any movement to the meter ... Continue Reading