Tools & Equipment
  • Rectifying box gutter dramas 19 March 2018

    Box gutters are becoming well recognised as a problem area for plumbers to design and install. The AHSCA is looking to rectify the issue with targeted training. Deborah Andrich reports.  In the Summer 2017 edition of Plumbing Connection we highlighted that box gutter ... Continue Reading

  • Bosch introduces OptiFlow Professional Internal 7 March 2018

    The Bosch OptiFlow Professional Internal is a 6 star, continuous flow hot water appliance designed for medium density housing. It is fitted with Bosch’s patented OptiFlow combustion management system which aims to provide increased energy efficiency over the lifetime of ... Continue Reading

  • Australian Pump Industries announces new chemical-free steam cleaner 6 March 2018

    Australian Pump Industries has announced a new product as part of their Aussie Hydrotek range, the Aussie Hydro-Hush. The Hydro-Hush was developed by Cairns-based entrepreneur, Brad Dowd, and is designed to steam clean flat surfaces without of environmentally harmful chemicals. Brad ... Continue Reading

  • Ridgid announces upgrade to Power Spin Drain 8 February 2018

    RIDGID has recently announced an upgrade to the Power Spin Drain. Dual powered operation allows quick switching between drill or hand power to break through clogs fast. In the latest upgrade, its features allow it to clean drain lines as small ... Continue Reading

  • A greater range for grease separation from trade waste 5 February 2018

    ACO has announced its range of in-ground gravity grease separators is now available in up to 5,000L total capacity. Treatment of trade waste is vital as fats, oils and grease (FOGs) in water ways compromise hygiene, workplace health and safety, plumbing ... Continue Reading

  • Introducing the new Bosch Blue cordless vacuum 24 November 2017

    Bosch Blue has expanded its range of cordless vacuums with the new GAS 18V-1 vacuum that features two rotational airflows that prevent the filter from clogging. The patented dual-stage two airflow system can extract dust from the airflow before it even ... Continue Reading

  • WalabotDIY is now available in Australia 27 October 2017

    Vayyar Imaging has today announces that the WalabotDIY is now available for Australian consumers. Created for home renovators and DIY enthusiasts, WalabotDIY gives users ‘Superman-vision’ to see up to ten centimetres into drywall, cement and other materials. This helps determine ... Continue Reading

  • Tsurumi Pump Grinds Costs 8 September 2017

    Tsurumi grinder pumps offer cost savings over conventional pumps because they reduce the size of the solids passed using a ‘grinder’ process. Although this is not a radical new technology the new Tsurumi grinders offer users significant advantages. Tsurumi, the world’s ... Continue Reading

  • Milwaukee gets serious about drain cleaning 7 September 2017

    Over the next few months the traditional suppliers in the drain cleaning segment are about to face some stiff new competition from Milwaukee plumbing tools. The brand has been on a strong growth curve with its traditional contractor power and hand ... Continue Reading

  • CS65x RIDGID Digital Reporting Monitor 16 August 2017

    RIDGID are proud to introduce the CS65x Digital Reporting Monitor, the first in their digital reporting monitor products to include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity. Compatible with RIDGID SeeSnake camera reels, the CS65 Digital Reporting Monitor conveniently mounts on the SeeSnake MAX ... Continue Reading