Latest Products
  • Introducing ‘waterless’ toilets 9 February 2018

    Alarming statistics for sanitation accessibility around the world have prompted the development of the ‘waterless toilet’. Simeon Barut explains the ins and outs of the innovation. Today, under half the world’s population are without access to sanitation. For this very reason, ... Continue Reading

  • Ridgid announces upgrade to Power Spin Drain 8 February 2018

    RIDGID has recently announced an upgrade to the Power Spin Drain. Dual powered operation allows quick switching between drill or hand power to break through clogs fast. In the latest upgrade, its features allow it to clean drain lines as small ... Continue Reading

  • A greater range for grease separation from trade waste 5 February 2018

    ACO has announced its range of in-ground gravity grease separators is now available in up to 5,000L total capacity. Treatment of trade waste is vital as fats, oils and grease (FOGs) in water ways compromise hygiene, workplace health and safety, plumbing ... Continue Reading

  • Kohler introduces Kohler Konnect 11 January 2018

    Kohler has introduced Kohler Konnect, a new platform that allows users to personalise their experience with Kohler products through app presets, and complete everyday tasks in the kitchen and bath with voice-control. Capable of supporting multiple voice services, consumers can ... Continue Reading

  • Introducing the new Bosch Blue cordless vacuum 24 November 2017

    Bosch Blue has expanded its range of cordless vacuums with the new GAS 18V-1 vacuum that features two rotational airflows that prevent the filter from clogging. The patented dual-stage two airflow system can extract dust from the airflow before it even ... Continue Reading

  • Aqueous instant hot water for specifiers and home owners 16 November 2017

    Australian innovator AusJ imports is introducing its latest 10L Aqueous MK2 hot water system to provide near instant hot water water for homes, commercial and recreational users. A finalist in the Australian 2017 Sustainability Awards and Watermark accredited, the 10L Aqueous ... Continue Reading

  • Landchecker is now mobile friendly 8 November 2017

    Performing property due diligence has never been easier with Landchecker. With the click of a button, users can download property reports from anywhere at any time. Even if the user finds themselves at a client meeting and wants to show them ... Continue Reading

  • WalabotDIY is now available in Australia 27 October 2017

    Vayyar Imaging has today announces that the WalabotDIY is now available for Australian consumers. Created for home renovators and DIY enthusiasts, WalabotDIY gives users ‘Superman-vision’ to see up to ten centimetres into drywall, cement and other materials. This helps determine ... Continue Reading

  • Rheem’s new Metro 26 continuous flow water heater 12 October 2017

    Rheem has launched its new Metro 26 Continuous Flow water heater – and it combines a range of features and benefits that will appeal to both installers and householders. “This sleek, unobtrusive system sets a new benchmark in continuous flow gas ... Continue Reading

  • Enware time Flow Sporting Shower Module 10 October 2017

    Introducing Enware’s new Time Flow Sporting Shower Module by Delabie, simple compact design ideal for all commercial shower areas, including schools, leisure centres and general changing room facilities and recommended for most public or commercial applications. Aesthetically pleasing and suitable for ... Continue Reading