Counterfeit Product
  • A certifiable minefield 21 March 2018

    The Australian plumbing industry is highly regulated, yet incidents of non-conforming or non-compliant products being used in installations still occur and have prompted changes to the WaterMark certification scheme. Adelle King explains the changes and what plumbing contractors need to know about ... Continue Reading

  • Behind the wall – reduce your risk and play to your strength 8 February 2018

    Plumbing errors or failures can be costly to both you and your customer, but there’s ways to make sure they rarely happen says John Fennell. A simple plumbing leak can be a major headache for a customer particularly if it means ... Continue Reading

  • Rules, what rules? Amazon puts itself above Australian law 11 January 2018

    Amazon Australia appears to be off to a rocky start with the Australian plumbing sector and the law of our land. Sure, it might have sales grunt but it doesn’t have the right to let its vendors illegally market product in ... Continue Reading

  • Non-conforming and Non-complying products: what to know 17 November 2016

    Darryl O’Brien differentiates between the ever present issues of non-conforming and non-compliant materials and what you need to know before deciding whether or not to purchase and/or install either. The issue of non-conforming building products continues to gain media ... Continue Reading

  • Risks of Online Shopping 20 April 2015

    One cannot deny that online shopping is continually growing in popularity across all market sectors; however, there are some risks and dangers associated with it, particularly when it comes to products that need to meet Australian standards and regulations. Frank ... Continue Reading

  • Plumbing Supply Forum 6 March 2014

    There are often calls to totally de-regulate certain industries, in order to, as the rhetoric goes, reduce costs and red tape and let industry take its course. The downside of this approach is that it can lead to a new ... Continue Reading

  • Protection against product copying 13 February 2009

    Manufacturers and trade show organizers have strategies to counter the pirating of designs and brands, but the best defence is to refuse to buy copies. The prevalence of counterfeit product is a rapidly increasing problem around the world. Branded products ... Continue Reading