Codes, Standards & Regulations
  • Pods from Pudong 16 January 2017

    With imports of non-compliant bathroom pods on the rise, it may be time to take another look at the regulations that apply to them. Plumbing Connection turned to IAPMO Oceana’s Glenn Tate to get his take on the subject. Pre-fabricated bathroom ... Continue Reading

  • What is the future for Standards’ development? 24 November 2016

    I took a call last week from a colleague who had recently seen a report in the financial press that the publicly listed SAI Global had accepted a take-over offer from Hong Kong based private equity firm, Baring Asia Private ... Continue Reading

  • Aussie ups jetter safety 22 November 2016

    In a key move to assist plumbers in complying with new safety standards for high pressure drain cleaning and jetting equipment Australian Pump have upgraded their popular range.  Effective as of September 2016 production all Aussie Cobra and King Cobra ... Continue Reading

  • Making sense of the regulation mind game 17 November 2016

    The plumbing industry is highly regulated, and when you consider the detrimental effects that defective or shoddy plumbing work can have on society, it makes perfect sense. Traversing your way through the regulation mind game is no easy task though. ... Continue Reading

  • Standards review plumbing standards 10 December 2015

    Review of operating and engagement model commenced Commitment to conclude review by February 2016 Stakeholders are asked to provide comment by 18 December 2015 Following the transfer of responsibility for plumbing regulatory code development to the Australian Building Codes Board in 2011, Standards ... Continue Reading

  • WELS meets eBay 18 November 2015

    The Australian Government has started the largest ever online compliance operation of its kind, teaming up with eBay to clean up the murky world of water efficiency labelling of products sold online. Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne ... Continue Reading

  • Risks of Online Shopping 20 April 2015

    One cannot deny that online shopping is continually growing in popularity across all market sectors; however, there are some risks and dangers associated with it, particularly when it comes to products that need to meet Australian standards and regulations. Frank ... Continue Reading

  • Calls for a One Stop Shop 20 April 2015

    At a time when government openly states it is keen to reduce red tape for industry sectors, a striking opportunity exists in the plumbing sector. Will the PPI proposal for a ‘one-stop-shop’ for WELS and WaterMark ever see the light ... Continue Reading

  • NCC: FREE for all 7 April 2015

    As of February 2015, the National Construction Code (NCC) became available free online. Find out what the changes mean, and how you can access the NCC for yourself. Last May, the Australian Building Ministers’ Forum agreed to make the 2015 National ... Continue Reading

  • Copper Regulations Made Easy 31 March 2015

    Plumbing may be dealing with lots of new codes, standards and trends, but at least with copper there’s some quick ways to stay ahead says John Fennell. There’s a lot of information coming at plumbers these days and staying on top ... Continue Reading