Codes, Standards & Regulations
  • NCC 2019 Public Comment Draft open for feedback 12 February 2018

    The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has announced that the consultation period for proposed changes for the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 is now open. The NCC 2019 Public Comment Draft has a number of proposed changes that have resulted from major project ... Continue Reading

  • WaterMark Point of Sale discussion paper released 25 January 2018

    By Jeff Patchell.  The ABCB has released a 28-page discussion paper that outlines the pros and cons for change in regards to regulation being aligned with Water Efficiency Labelling scheme (WELS)-type legislation. The plumbing industry has only been given 16 working days ... Continue Reading

  • Rules, what rules? Amazon puts itself above Australian law 11 January 2018

    Amazon Australia appears to be off to a rocky start with the Australian plumbing sector and the law of our land. Sure, it might have sales grunt but it doesn’t have the right to let its vendors illegally market product in ... Continue Reading

  • ABCB seeking comment on NCC 2019 10 August 2017

    The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has announced that it is seeking comment from stakeholders on the proposal to create a single set of governing requirements for the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019. This single set of requirements will include ... Continue Reading

  • WorkSafe inspectors focus on scaffolding 24 July 2017

    Builders and contractors are being urged by WorkSafe inspectors to make scaffolding a safety priority on Victorian construction sites after a string of serious injuries and near misses in recent months. WorkSafe has investigated 13 scaffold-related incidents since April and ... Continue Reading

  • Standards Australia seeks market terms 20 July 2017

    Standards Australia is asking global publishers and distributors to provide market terms for the distribution of its technical documents and other content under a Request for Proposal as it prepares for the end of its contract with SAI Global in December 2018. SAI Global ... Continue Reading

  • Kiwi’s a mile ahead on data-thinking 7 July 2017

    Australia should be looking to New Zealand when it comes to the electronic traceability of construction products writes Jeff Patchell. The Australian construction industry is a dinosaur when it comes to the digital world and should be taking a leaf ... Continue Reading

  • Plumber caught using lead solder 2 June 2017

    The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has issued a warning to property owners after a Queensland plumber was caught using lead solder on water pipes. Southeast Queenslanders who have had work done by plumbing-electrical contractor Brett George Hogan (occupational ... Continue Reading

  • Spec: a four-letter word 20 April 2017

    The following article was originally presented nearly 40 years ago at the 1978 American Society of Plumbing Engineers Convention in New Orleans, USA. It has been modified to correct obsolete information and is presented here to reiterate the continued importance ... Continue Reading

  • ABCB publishes consultation RIS 27 March 2017

    The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has published a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for consultation titled ‘Application of Temperature Control Requirements for Heated Water’. The consultation RIS considers whether the current application of the requirements for temperature control when replacing ... Continue Reading