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  • A certifiable minefield 21 March 2018

    The Australian plumbing industry is highly regulated, yet incidents of non-conforming or non-compliant products being used in installations still occur and have prompted changes to the WaterMark certification scheme. Adelle King explains the changes and what plumbing contractors need to know about ... Continue Reading

  • Australia to launch International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) project committee on water efficiency 19 March 2018

    Australia will be leading an international effort to help consumers choose water-efficient whitegoods and plumbing fixtures, and to enable manufacturers to compete on a global scale. Australia has been successful in securing international support for the establishment of a new International ... Continue Reading

  • 2018 Queensland plumbing ambassadors announced 19 March 2018

    Two plumbers, David Keys from the Gold Coast and apprentice Sarah Condie from Brisbane, have been announced as the new Queensland plumbing ambassadors for 2018. The announcement was made in front of over 300 attendees at the World Plumbing Day Breakfast ... Continue Reading

  • The fight against wet wipes 15 March 2018

    Plumbing Connection has published stories from far and wide in relation to wet wipes posing a major threat to sewerage systems…but now the problem has made itself known on home soil. When will something be done? While manufacturers maintain their claims ... Continue Reading

  • ASEA releases asbestos containment and stabilisation report 14 March 2018

    The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) has released a report that looks at ways of containing and stabilising asbestos. ASEA has examined current products and practices used to contain and stabilise asbestos in order to make it safer to ... Continue Reading

  • WorldSkills Australia and Velg Training announce Skills Pathway Expo 8 March 2018

    WorldSkills Australia and Velg Training have announced they will be partnering to deliver the Skills Pathway Expo as part of Skills Show Australia 2018. The skills and trade event is being held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney ... Continue Reading

  • Hansgrohe releases 2018 trend guide 7 March 2018

    Sanitary fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe has released its bathroom trend guide for 2018. In its guide, Hansgrohe states that natural material, lots of light and a clearly defined room layout will become the most in demand features of bathrooms installed in ... Continue Reading

  • Pulling at a thread 5 March 2018

    Metallic fittings and end connectors used in water supply and gas systems have been under review in AS 3688 to tighten the thread profiles, Terry Nguyen explains. There are more than 100 Australian Standards and Technical Specifications detailing minimum design characteristics and ... Continue Reading

  • Backflow prevention taking a forward step 5 March 2018

    Backflow prevention and cross-connection control issues fly under the radar of far too many plumbers. In looking for leadership, we’d be wise to observe the US plumbing industry which is well ahead of Australia. Simeon Barut reports.   Peter Wenning, a well ... Continue Reading

  • Explaining damages for building contract breaches 1 March 2018

    Paul Cott explains some of the myriad ways building contracts can be breached and what actions to take should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance. There are multiple ways that a building owner or builder (including subcontractors and others such ... Continue Reading