Sanitary Equipment
  • A Compact Pump-Up Solution 10 August 2015

    Saniflo has developed a compact toilet solution that is not only aesthetically appealing and easy to install but cost effective too. Justin Felix reports. It’s fairly easy to take the humble old toilet for granted. When purchasing properties, it isn’t something ... Continue Reading

  • Wash as you Go 4 May 2015

    Bidets, also known as washlet toilets, are big business overseas and while they aren’t staple items in Aussie bathrooms just yet – they are well worth looking into. Justin Felix reports. The bidet has been a quintessential addition to the bathroom ... Continue Reading

  • Sucking it in 4 March 2015

    Vacuum toilets are not foreign to most; however, the installation and servicing practices that are associated with them probably are. Jeff Patchell explains that this is about to change. If you have ever flown domestically or internationally you have ... Continue Reading

  • Delivering the Modern Bathroom 11 September 2014

    Bathrooms are a focal point in many homes, so it is imperative for plumbers to stand out from the competition by delivering a bathroom that goes one step beyond the standard. From products that incorporate technology to those that ... Continue Reading

  • Toilets cause damage 28 August 2012

    A faulty flushing system in toilets in Cincinatti are behind 304 explosions in that city. A cautionary tale here for manufacturers to test the product and ensure that it is not dangerous. The Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing System is being ... Continue Reading

  • Toilets at the Gates 2 August 2011

    Bill Gates has set his attention to revolutionising the humble toilet in a bid to tackle disease epidemics. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is pledging millions of dollars in grants to reinvent the toilet. The foundation’s director of ... Continue Reading

  • We know squat about female urinals 25 February 2011

    Recently, Plumbing Connection surveyed the women of Australia to find out their thoughts on introducing a female urinal to the world of public restrooms. Dimi Kyriakou and Jonathan Jackson discuss the results and what they could mean for the ... Continue Reading

  • Urinal amendments 22 December 2010

    In an effort to integrate water-sensitive urban designs into current practice the National Plumbing Regulators Forum (NPRF) for Australia and New Zealand formed the Australasian Scientific Review of Reduction of Flows on Plumbing and Drainage Systems (ASFlow) Committee to ... Continue Reading

  • Female urinals: suggestion or solution? 20 December 2010

    A new survey being conducted by Plumbing Connection magazine sets out to solve the age old mystery of why women are always queuing up to use the toilet, while examining health issues related to skin contact with toilet seats. There ... Continue Reading

  • Top bathroom trends 24 November 2010

    These days nobody wants to end up in a retirement home. People would much rather have a smart new bathroom with a wellness tub, comfy bench and big, modern “walk-in shower”, and there are even those who dream of ... Continue Reading