Sanitary Equipment
  • Bathroom pods make their mark 16 January 2017

    The popularity of pre-fabricated bathroom pods is on the rise in multi-residential and commercial applications. And while offshore-built pods have caused concern within the industry, one Australian manufacturer is offering WaterMark certification on all its products. Prefab-AUS, the peak organisation for ... Continue Reading

  • 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge 25 August 2016

    It’s fairly easy to take the simple things in life for granted when living in a First World country. More specifically, sanitation, clean potable water and hygiene are things we don’t often consider to be a luxury rather than ... Continue Reading

  • The perfect match 17 August 2016

    Bathroom products have come a long way over the past number of years and the humble toilet pan has seen some of the largest developments of all. Terry Nguyen explains that when it comes to toilets pans and flushing sizes, ... Continue Reading

  • 115 years of Hansgrohe 9 August 2016

    When Hans Grohe founded a metal spinning workshop in the small town of Schiltach in Germany’s Black Forest back in June 1901, he could hardly have imagined that the three-man business would become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ... Continue Reading

  • Suck it up 18 July 2016

    Vacuum toilet technology has been around for decades, but until recently has mostly been confined to use in planes, boats and correctional facilities in Australia due to a lack of standards and codes pertaining to their installation. Now that this ... Continue Reading

  • Build it & they will come… maybe 5 July 2016

    Indian men are less likely to use toilets than women, even if they have access to one, a five-state study by market research firm IMRB and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has found, in what could be bad news ... Continue Reading

  • Smartflush evolves to Cleanflush 6 June 2016

    Rimless toilet technology has been making waves in Europe in recent years and with Caroma on the cusp of launching its first models in Australia, Plumbing Connection takes a closer look and what it all means for plumbers and end-users. Readers ... Continue Reading

  • Waterco solutions help African villagers drink safely 25 May 2016

    Human beings need water to survive. In fact, we can only survive three to five days without it. Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest number of water stressed countries on the planet, with 300 million of its 800 million strong population ... Continue Reading

  • Concealed Cisterns 1 February 2016

    A concealed cistern saves space and opens up a range of creative design options. If your client is short on space or looking to give their bathroom a sleek, minimalist feel, then a concealed toilet cistern is a choice worth ... Continue Reading

  • Plumbing goes to Bollywood 11 August 2015

    India’s economy will outpace China’s this year and could one day be the world’s largest, so maybe we should be taking more than a passing interest in what’s happening on the sub-continent from a plumbing sector point of view. Jeff ... Continue Reading