Pipes & Fittings
  • The Wet Wipe Fight Continues 2 December 2015

    Plumbing Connection has published stories from far and wide in relation to wet wipes posing a major threat to sewerage systems… but now the problem has made itself known on home soil. When will something be done? While manufacturers maintain their ... Continue Reading

  • Pipe Down! 25 September 2015

    As the trend towards high density living continues on an upward curve, acoustic consultants are under constant pressure to ensure noise pollution remains at a minimum. While some consider it outdated, pipe lagging is still the most specified solution to ... Continue Reading

  • Technical Note on PE-X Pipe Announced 22 September 2015

    CROSS LINKED POLYETHYLENE (PE-X) PIPE IN HOT WATER APPLICATIONS – GUIDANCE FOR DETERMINING CONFORMANCE TO AS/NZS 3500 The National Construction Code Volume 3 (Plumbing Code of Australia – PCA) is published by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and provides the ... Continue Reading

  • Barangaroo chooses Viega 1 September 2015

    On the edge of the famous Sydney Harbour and at the heart of Barangaroo’s brand new commercial district, there are three high rise towers currently under construction that will become a new corporate centre for the Asia-Pacific region. Created by internationally ... Continue Reading

  • The Pressing Matter on Copper 29 July 2015

    With so much ‘plastic adoption’ going on in the industry, it may come as a surprise to hear that copper press-fit systems are growing in popularity with hydraulic consultants and plumbers all over the country. Justin Felix reports. Improved on-site safety, ... Continue Reading

  • Pipeline Corrosion Management 14 July 2015

    Oil, gas and utility companies, along with governments, have invested billions of dollars over many years in laying hundreds of thousands of kilometres of pipelines in nearly every country of the world. All pipelines, whether buried or on the surface, ... Continue Reading

  • Electrofusion: Getting it right 25 May 2015

    The process of joining polyethylene pipes via electrofusion fittings and procedures has caused problems across the industry and many failures have been accredited to plumbers. Justin Felix reports on why errors are being made and ways to rectify them to ... Continue Reading

  • Nuflow Technology used in India 30 March 2015

    Australian company Nuflow Technologies completed itsfirst application of Redline in India with new Licensee ITC Hotels. Since guest satisfaction is the number one priority to the hospitality industry, Licensee ITC Hotels chose to provide a non-invasive, non-destructive solution to rehabilitate ... Continue Reading

  • When Systems Collide 3 March 2015

    There are significant issues in the market place affecting the performance of PP-R pipe systems in combination with copper in hot water recirculation systems. Jonathan Jackson speaks with hydraulic consultant David Steblina about those issues and how they can ... Continue Reading

  • Repair pipes with no excavation 8 August 2014

    The concept is simple, rehabilitating degraded underground and internal pipes without digging them up. From residential to commercial and industrial or high-rise buildings, it makes no difference, Nuflow can repair pipes utilising the latest technologies in potable approved epoxy ... Continue Reading