Hot Water
  • What’s Cold is Hot again 19 February 2014

    Heated wastewater can be recovered and re-used to pre-heat the inlet to shower heads, offering considerable savings on energy consumption. While the idea of drawing on recycled water to ‘freshen up’ may seem off-putting to some – it shouldn’t ... Continue Reading

  • Hot water saving and innovation 24 August 2009

    Plumbers and plumbing service providers know that millions of homes around Australia feature hot water reticulation systems that waste thousands of litres of water annually – because of the design of their hot water systems. Every morning before householders step ... Continue Reading

  • The fate of electric hot water heaters 28 May 2009

    Rheem’s Corporate Affairs manager representing AUSWHIP, Gareth Jennings is trying to get governments take a more measured approach to legislation with regard to energy usage of hot water heaters. Electric hot water systems have been a bone of contention ... Continue Reading