Fire Services
  • Building Ministers’ Forum takes action 11 July 2017

    The Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) has been working tirelessly on proactive and appropriate responses to building fires to ensure high-rise buildings are safe and the enforcement systems are robust. The efforts have gained significant momentum since the 2014 Lacrosse Apartment ... Continue Reading

  • A Potential Killer? 7 April 2015

    The use of so-called ‘fire rated’ foams for fire stopping of service penetrations or control joints is sadly becoming more prevalent here in Australia. John Rakic believes This trend could lead to deaths if a serious fire happens in a ... Continue Reading

  • In Case of Emergency 18 July 2014

    The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) is building a unique emergency services learning and training facility. Head Contractor on the project, Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd, has engaged Geschke Plumbing to oversee the installation of the rainwater and gas facilities. Jonathan ... Continue Reading

  • Water efficient fire protection systems 16 February 2009

    A greater emphasis on water-saving technologies and efficient use of a precious resource are helping to shape fire system design. But going green can have a downside for building owners. Only 18 months ago, few in the fire protection industry ... Continue Reading

  • Fire protection innovation 6 February 2009

    Technical innovations, coupled with a heightened awareness of environmental sustainability, have led the 3M international company to make significant improvements in fire protection methodologies. Throughout history, water has been mankind’s primary defense against the ever-present threat of fire. Technology for ... Continue Reading