Backflow Prevention
  • Cross connection control and backflow prevention 7 August 2017

    Peter Wenning recently applied for scholarship funding from the International Specialised Skills Institute to see for himself the state of the sector in North America. His main goal was to bring back information to apply to the Australia sector and to ... Continue Reading

  • Backflow Prevention in the everyday world 18 July 2016

    Peter McLennan reflects on the recent World Plumbing Day and asks some questions of the industry and the continual lack of education, at the apprenticeship stage, in backflow prevention. I recently attended the World Plumbing Day breakfast hosted by the Master ... Continue Reading

  • Back to Basics 18 January 2016

    Peter McLennan wants to get back to the basics of Cross Connection Control. So what is backflow prevention and Cross Connection Control all about? – Isn’t it about protecting the drinking water supply? We risk seeing in our industry what always happens ... Continue Reading

  • Built in our own Backyard 28 July 2015

    In a day and age when everything we buy seems to be stamped with ‘Made in China’, it’s nice to know that some things are still being built in our own backyard. Even more so is when that product is ... Continue Reading

  • 2015 National Backflow Prevention Conference 4 June 2015

    The Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. (BPAA) in conjunction with the Backflow Prevention Association QLD Inc. & The Institute of Plumbing Inspectors QLD invites you to attend the 2015 National Backflow Prevention Conference. If the protection of the water supply ... Continue Reading

  • Residential Backflow 31 March 2015

    Backflow Prevention in the residential situation… is it really necessary? Peter McLennan suggests it is. Having been involved in backflow prevention in Australia for over 25 years, I have seen numerous occurrences of cross connections that, if exposed to a backflow ... Continue Reading

  • Unnecessary cost or type of insurance? 31 March 2015

    It is something we should have, but don’t know if it is really worth the cost. How important is it to protect against a potential backflow incident where cross connections exist? Peter McLennan explains. The general public are in most cases, ... Continue Reading

  • 2014 Backflow Prevention Conference Success 21 January 2015

    Members and guests from all over Australia and across the world met in Melbourne over the first weekend of August for the 2014 National Backflow Prevention Conference. Inside and protected from what was the coldest weather seen for some years in ... Continue Reading

  • Understanding Backflow Prevention – Education is the Key 6 November 2014

    Peter Mclennan believes that the more we can educate people on the importance of backflow prevention, the better. William James Durant; the American writer, historian, and philosopher once said: “Education ... Continue Reading

  • Where is Australia at with Backflow Prevention? 20 February 2014

    Peter McLennan, Secretary of the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc., explains why he is concerned by the lack of resources dedicated to maintaining the protection of Australian drinking water. Australia is a modern ... Continue Reading