Be proud of your trade

Be proud of your trade

In our recent summer edition of Plumbing Connection we launched our Plumbing Industry Infographic poster, which demonstrates this industry in a new light.

This poster makes a great talking piece to have on the wall of your office, boardroom or lunchroom.

But there is another important function this poster can do – with your assistance.

Every careers teacher around Australia should have one of these to display in their training room or school library, where students can learn to appreciate that plumbing is more than a pair of shorts and a power drill.

If we want to make plumbing the most in-demand career option for kids and attract the very best talent, the industry needs to be proactive in its approach.

This is a move in the right direction, given the industry has no formal national recruitment strategy.

At a time when Governments are predicting a future shortage of apprentices in the trades, plumbing contractors need to start giving back to ensure the industry remains a popular career choice.

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