AXOR introduces AXOR Montreux and Uno

AXOR introduces AXOR Montreux and Uno

AXOR and Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design have introduced the AXOR Montreux kitchen and bathroom taps and AXOR Uno bathroom taps for the first time at ISH, which is being held in Frankfurt from 14-18 March.

Reminiscent of the archetypical design of the first industrially manufactured bath and kitchen fixtures, AXOR Montreux is characterised by stylistic detailing from the 20th century.

Industrial design elements, such as pipes and valves, have combined with classical details, including delicate cross handles and ceramic inlays, and contemporary lever handles. A reminiscence of this time also includes a bridge variant of the three-hole washbasin mixer, cross handles and authentically labelled ceramic inlays.

“The style and industrial production methods of the early 20th century still hold value today. We have re-interpreted these features with great precision and workmanship to offer our customers the best in design and functionality – in the bathroom and, for the first time, in the kitchen,” said AXOR head of brand marketing Silke Giessler.

The first classical kitchen taps from AXOR allow for maximum operability around the sink with swivel and pull-out spouts.

In the bathroom, taps with lower and higher spouts now accommodate different comfort zones, while ease-of-use is also evident in the new AXOR Montreux Showerpipe, with elements for overhead and hand shower separated with ergonomic lever handles.

The Montreux collection is available in chrome and nickel finishes. Nickel is applied using the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) technology, where a coating is applied in a vacuum using steam, leaving the fixtures scratch and abrasion resistant.

The AXOR Uno collection is defined by pipes and comprises over 70 products for washbasins, showers and bathtubs.

AXOR Uno features two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle, while the spouts and handles are available in radical or gently rounded versions. The flow of water is started or stopped by pressing the Select button, by turning the ‘Zero’ handle, or by lifting the ergonomically shaped loop handle.

“Implemented at the highest technological levels, AXOR Uno is the quintessence of Purism: clean, minimalistic, subtle. This collection embodies the most fascinating shapes of Purism, both in form and in function. Each individual product reflects valuation for the material and precise and consistent construction. The underlying factor is our commitment to delivering perfection in design, craftsmanship and functionality,” says Silke.

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