ASSE publishes scald awareness white paper

ASSE publishes scald awareness white paper

ASSE International has published its fourth scald awareness white paper, ‘Guidelines for Temperature Control Devices in Domestic Hot Water Systems’, which is now available for free download.

The primary goal of the white paper is to address proper and improper applications of temperature limiting devices covered by ASSE product performance standards.

“The ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group’s assignment was to develop a document that could clearly explain where each temperature control device, within ASSE’s portfolio of product performance standards, should be used,” said ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group chairman Richard Prospal.

“There are many misapplications of temperature limiting devices and many questions about proper usage within the industry — especially among plumbing inspectors and installers. This new white paper will hopefully act as an easily understandable reference tool that everyone in the plumbing industry can use in determining where each device should, and should not, be used.”

The white paper discusses product performance standards and covers the use of devices listed to multiple standards.

ASSE’s three previous scald awareness white papers, ‘Scald Hazards Associated with Low-Flow Showerheads’,Understanding Potential Water Heater Scald Hazards’, and ‘Adjustment of Automatic Compensating Valves to Prevent Potential Scald Hazards’ can be viewed and downloaded at

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