AS/NZS 3500 Series update

AS/NZS 3500 Series update

Standards Australia is the nation’s peak non-government standards organisation with a long lasting commitment to the development of Standards in the Water and Waste Services sector. Ron Pulido outlines what is happening in the market.

The AS/NZS 3500 series of Standards on plumbing and drainage has been currently under revision, with public comments on the new drafts closing in December 2017.

It should be noted that since these projects are still in the drafting phase these changes are subject to agreement within the Committee, and to compliance with the NCC protocol for the development of NCC Referenced Documents.

All drafts are released to the public as part of our transparent development process. Any interested individuals are encouraged to review the proposed changes and provide input on the document for the relevant Standards Australia technical committee to review.

If you wish to provide comment on a draft standard or visit the list of standards currently open to the public, please visit the Public Comment portal through the Quick Links on our website homepage (

AS/NZS 3500.5:2012 Plumbing and drainage – Housing installations

Following widespread consultation with key industry stakeholders, including the Australian Building Codes Board, AS/NZS 3500.5:2012 Plumbing and drainage – Housing installations, will be withdrawn with no future revisions planned by Standards Australia.

AS/NZS 3500.5 is a compilation of the other parts in the AS/NZS 3500 series. The withdrawal of Part 5 has no material impact on the requirements of these standards. It is important to note that a withdrawn standard is still available for purchase and use, and can still be referenced in a regulatory framework.

Working towards 2022 National Construction Code

Don’t wait! Start planning early and engage with stakeholders and Standards Australia now to submit a project for inclusion in the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC).

To ensure that the priorities for AS/ NZS 3500 series can be considered for the 2022 NCC, proponents must be strategic with project proposal submissions to align with the NCC three year amendment cycle. The below describes the key dates for the AS/NZS 3500 series and NCC 2022.

Key Dates

  • September 2019 – Proposal cut-off for NCC 2022
  • June 2020 – Drafting cut-off for AS/ NZS 3500 revision project
  • July – September 2020 – AS/NZS 3500 Public Comment Period
  • May 2021 – Cut-off date for Standards Australia publication and submission for NCC referencing to the ABCB
  • February 2022 – ABCB releases NCC 2019 Preview
  • May 2022 – NCC 2022 is adopted.
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