ABCB publishes consultation RIS

ABCB publishes consultation RIS

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has published a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for consultation titled ‘Application of Temperature Control Requirements for Heated Water’.

The consultation RIS considers whether the current application of the requirements for temperature control when replacing water heaters in private residences is having a measurable impact on the occurrence of scalding injuries and fatalities in Australia.

Interested parties are invited to provide comment on any matter raised in the RIS and a number of consultation questions are listed throughout the document. Respondents are encouraged to address these questions to assist in the development of a final RIS.

Responses to the questions are invited until close of business Friday 21 April 2017 and can be emailed to Please include the subject title ‘Application of General Temperature Control Requirements for Heated Water’.

The ABCB office will review all comments received and incorporate stakeholder information and data into the regulatory analysis, as appropriate. The RIS will be revised in light of stakeholder comments and will be forwarded to the board as an input into its decision-making.

The consultation RIS can be downloaded from the ABCB website at

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