Nuflow gains WaterMark certification

Nuflow gains WaterMark certification

Nuflow Technologies, a Goal Coast pipe repair manufacturer, has gained WaterMark certification for its pipe relining product.

The Blueline technology is the only pipe relining system that has received the Australian Building Codes Board certification in Australia giving it the highest regulatory standards in Australia and New Zealand.

Nuflow Technologies director and founder Ed Ahern says that because of the newly found status, he is expecting the product to be used throughout both Australia and New Zealand – the official recognition was a step in the right direction for both the company and its customers.

“In the past when we tried to use the Blueline product, councils could refuse because it didn’t have WaterMark approval,” Ed says.

“Now that the product has received the official tick of approval we’re expecting wider usage and more franchise interest, especially in areas like South Australia and Sydney where councils were previously less accepting of it.”

Ed says that gaining the certification for the company’s Blueline technology took less time than their Redline certification as this didn’t involve a drinking water pipe.

“It was a less arduous process than the Redline certification, which took five years because it involved a product for drinking water pipe,” says Ed.

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