2015 National Backflow Prevention Conference

2015 National Backflow Prevention Conference

The Backflow Prevention Association of Australia Inc. (BPAA) in conjunction with the Backflow Prevention Association QLD Inc. & The Institute of Plumbing Inspectors QLD invites you to attend the 2015 National Backflow Prevention Conference.

If the protection of the water supply and backflow prevention is important to you, you should not miss the 2015 Australian National Backflow Prevention Conference. The conference is to be held at the fantastic Seaworld Resort on the Queensland’s Gold Coast on Friday July 31 and Saturday August 1, 2015.

Two days of presentations from regulatory and industry experts covering both Australian and International topics.

This conference is aimed at people in the backflow prevention and plumbing inspection and enforcement industry, designers, suppliers, regulators and plumbers.

The theme of the conference is “Overcoming the Challenges” and this relates to the diversity of interpretations around Australia of the backflow requirements within the plumbing regulations. The BPAA believe we should have common rules and regulations across our industry and this conference continues on the work started at our first conference in 2012 and will focus on areas of difference and seek to identify ways to unify the national approach.

This conference will bring together experts and regulators from all areas of Australia to discuss and provide information needed by backflow professionals today.

If you are in the backflow industry or the regulatory or enforcement area you need to attend this conference and associated trade exhibition!

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